The 1st Birthday Edition

Finding Your Perfect Balloons: A first birthday is an incredibly special occasion,

and putting together the first birthday party can be a stressful time. There are the outfits, the presents, the cake, and the balloons to prepare to make your little ones day special, and provide you with the memories and photographs to last a lifetime. Here at Balloons Online, we know just how much this means to parents and family, and for that reason we have created this edit, showcasing our collection and providing ideas just for you. If you want the perfect first birthday balloons- look no further!

Number Balloons:

You can’t go wrong with a number one!

Popular all over Pinterest and Instagram, the number one balloon for a modern first birthday is a Number One Balloon. Our Number 1 balloons come in a huge range of colours including blue, red, gold, pink, silver and even holographic colours like our stunning holo pink, seen below.

Number 1 balloons also come in a wide variety of sizes, from 14 inches all the way up to a giant 64 inches! All our balloons are supplied deflated, so you don’t need to worry about delivery difficulties or about hiding them from the birthday boy or girl if you’re buying in advance.

We even have a selection of Number 1 balloons with popular characters on, such as the ever-loved Minnie Mouse, perfect for a tiny Disney fan.

Where balloons are concerned, we believe that the more balloons, the better the party! That’s why we supply multipacks of traditional first birthday balloons so you can have as many as you need. Our packs of 25 latex balloons in pink or blue are especially popular (pictured below), and we also do packs containing several colours for those who want a splash of brightness!

What better way to set the scene for a fantastic birthday than with a beautifully decorated balloon? Our selection of carefully curated round balloons is incredibly diverse. From traditional birthday messages, to beautiful Rachel Ellen drawings, all the way to funny balloons to make your adult guests smile, we are sure you will find something to love here in our collection.

Message Balloons:

Incredibly popular and always gorgeous in photographs, our message balloons are a fantastic addition to any party set-up. Why not try attaching them to the wall behind the food table for a beautiful backdrop, or using them with some photo props to create a lovely picture of the birthday child for their family to treasure? 

We know just how important it is to you that you have not just the correct looking products, but durable and long-lasting products. Our selection has been put together based on not only their decorativeness but also on their durability and longevity. Whether latex or foil, helium or air-fill only, these balloons are sure to make any party go with a bang!

If you have used our balloons for a party or event, we would love to hear from you! Send us your photos to have them featured on here, or on our social media pages!